Meaning of shoot it out in English:

shoot it out


  • Engage in a decisive confrontation, typically a gun battle.

    • ‘I was forced to shoot it out with detectives before being overpowered’
    • ‘Very few of these cowards shoot it out with the cops.’
    • ‘Of course, eventually the robbers enter the bank, shoot it out with the FBI, and Conway gets shot.’
    • ‘The guys you are about to see also know what it's like to shoot it out with a bad guy.’
    • ‘A tiny handful, from the banned far-right parties, may try to shoot it out with the army.’
    • ‘He shot it out with the cop, who got off a single round from his newly issued Glock 17 before his service pistol jammed.’
    • ‘Some of the elements of the gangster genre, such as the criminal holed up in his lair shooting it out with the cops, are here for the first time.’
    • ‘When two Austrians disagree, they do not shoot it out; rather, each of them tries to come up with a better argument next time, but usually the disagreements remain.’
    • ‘This might work, but if your adversary has made up his mind to fight or shoot it out, I don't think intimidation will be much of a factor.’
    • ‘And the number of armed thugs willing to shoot it out with coalition troops is quite small.’
    • ‘Why did he not use his pistol to shoot it out with his captors or to kill himself?’