Meaning of shoot one's cuffs in English:

shoot one's cuffs


  • Pull one's shirt cuffs out to project beyond the cuffs of one's jacket or coat.

    ‘When he adjusted his waistcoat or shot his cuffs, dragons of unreason gasped and died at his feet.’
    • ‘He took a last look in the mirror, fixed his tie, shot his cuffs and puffed out his chest.’
    • ‘We bade the ladies a good morning, touched our caps, shot our cuffs and nipped up the hill towards the Bar on the track.’
    • ‘And it's time we shrug, let them run out of the theater, straighten our collars and shoot our cuffs, and enter from the wings to do exactly the job we know needs to be done.’
    • ‘At one point in every telecast, he would shoot his cuffs, lean forward and appear to address each and every Canadian personally.’
    • ‘I threw back my shoulders, shot my cuffs, and started to drift.’
    • ‘‘Let the boys across the aisle do the talking,’ he would say, smiling dreamily as he shot his cuffs.’
    • ‘In front of the full-length mirror on the inside of my closet door, I straightened my trouser legs, sleeves, shoulders, collar, and tie, and shot my cuffs.’
    • ‘Edward took the time to straighten his tie and shoot his cuffs.’
    • ‘At that point he would shoot his cuffs and saunter cockily back to me.’