Meaning of shoot through in English:

shoot through

phrasal verb

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Leave, typically to escape from or avoid someone or something.

    • ‘me wife's shot through and I can't pay the rent’
    • ‘After his return, he heads for the fairways reluctantly, when a mysterious caddy appears from nowhere, dispenses sage advice and promptly shoots through.’
    • ‘Money making people should wake up or shoot through.’
    • ‘When I got back to the office the guy from Chubb was in the building testing the fire alarms, which gave me all the excuse I needed to shoot through.’
    • ‘We eventually shoot through close to 7pm and arrive in Wellington around 1am.’
    • ‘Hood was put in charge of the ferry service and the story is that he took the funds, hid them and shot through.’
    • ‘I know you're traumatised, I know you're in trouble, I know you're upset but I'm shooting through.’
    • ‘If he was so inclined he could shoot through and set up a second hand bookshop that would put some competitors to shame.’