Meaning of shooting range in English:

shooting range

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  • An area provided with targets for the controlled practice of shooting.

    ‘At one point she was the interim leader, but on the final shooting range she missed two targets and had to make penalty loops.’
    • ‘Rifle events are held on shooting ranges where competitors shoot at targets at distances of 10 and 50 metres.’
    • ‘He extends his shooting range to 10 feet, hits free throws, learns to put the ball on the floor occasionally.’
    • ‘But his shooting range is limited and he is below average as a free-throw shooter.’
    • ‘However Steve looked like the target dummy on a shooting range.’
    • ‘They have had opportunities to practice in the shooting range, but never in the field.’
    • ‘Davis hired a shooting coach last summer and worked on extending his shooting range.’
    • ‘The shooting range at Bath university yesterday provided my chance to compete alongside the Olympians.’
    • ‘And let's turn our attention now away from the shooting range, to the race track.’
    • ‘Two got into it at an FBI shooting range during a cookout at which alcohol was served.’
    • ‘The idea was to use these empty bowling alleys as shooting ranges for the light guns and simulated clay pigeons with solar-celled light detectors.’
    • ‘They walked into a giant shooting range were Cody could see Barbra circling the area.’
    • ‘We had lots of guns in the locker in the indoor shooting range.’
    • ‘In accordance with the new law on the control of firearms, all training centres, weapons instructors and shooting ranges have to be accredited by the police.’
    • ‘They include a shooting range in Surrey, a yachting facility, and several training camps dotted around the country.’
    • ‘Do mass shootings ever occur in police stations, shooting ranges or gun shows?’
    • ‘Speaking of shooting stuff, a detour led to the shooting range in the basement, where a disconcerting number of bullet marks were way off target.’
    • ‘Normal conversations are possible at the shooting range and the sounds of wild turkeys or elk may be heard from long distances.’
    • ‘The chairman's suggestion: spend more time at the driving range and less at the shooting range.’
    • ‘Practicing or sighting in on a public shooting range is a sure way to become very unpopular.’