Meaning of shop boy in English:

shop boy


  • A male shop assistant.

    ‘What an experience that was for a little shop boy who was suddenly walking on the same fairways as Arnie Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.’
    • ‘To top it all, this form of self-medication is continued once or twice a day as per the instructions of a medical shop boy who is either a standard five or eight dropout, and, by power of observation, assumes the role of a medical practitioner.’
    • ‘But I went on, waving my hand impatiently before my face and watching a white man who stood outside one of the stores with his hands on his hips, while a shop boy prised open a big packing case.’
    • ‘My first job was as a Saturday morning shop boy in the village ironmonger's.’
    • ‘Shortly after this a man was marched back into the store and put into a small staff only room, guarded by a security guard and one of the beefier shop boys.’
    seller, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, dealer, trader, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, shopman, shop girl, shop boy, sales assistant, assistant, wholesaler, merchant, trafficker, purveyor, supplier, stockist, marketer, marketeer, sales representative, door-to-door salesman, travelling salesman, commercial traveller