Meaning of shop class in English:

shop class


North American
  • A class in which practical skills such as carpentry or engineering are taught.

    ‘back in high school I made a wooden dummy in shop class’
    • ‘Then he carried it home and propped it up for display on a coffee mug he'd made himself in shop class.’
    • ‘In the end, we find out that this has not been craps or football all along, but shop class.’
    • ‘A number of them were painted poorly and sold to schools for shop classes.’
    • ‘The last time I used sandpaper was in shop class during the fourth grade, but it was a memorable experience.’
    • ‘The engine seized up on it, or I never would've sold it to that high-school kid who wanted to fix it up in shop class.’
    • ‘It was taken to shop class, where Lutz and a classmate cut it in half.’
    • ‘Or was Utica Tool persuaded that their proposed brand name would cause too much giggling in shop class?’
    • ‘Baba rests ominously in her rocking chair and fondles wooden runes that look like they were made in 7th grade shop class.’
    • ‘In it, Hamill's character goes searching for a stolen 1973 Corvette Stingray he had souped up in shop class.’
    • ‘The only guys who talk to me, besides my best friend Emile, are the nerds in my shop class, who only got stuck in there because the computer class was all full or whatever.’
    • ‘I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of shop class.’
    • ‘He's absolutely right - I remember it well from shop class.’
    • ‘In ‘Tool and Die,’ there's a remarkable sequence showing how Ellen's ambitions in shop class have led to pure madness.’
    • ‘Cal's wife is sitting at the table folding paper napkins into triangles and placing them methodically into the wooden napkin holder her youngest brother had made in shop class.’
    • ‘After seeing several stained-glass pieces at a local bazaar a few months ago and striking up a conversation with Wilmot, Rusk found out the kids were making them in shop class.’
    • ‘Moon made his first product in his Whittier High School shop class when he fabricated an aluminum fuel block that would evenly distribute fuel to the popular multi-carb set-ups of the day.’
    • ‘My dad made me take shop class before I got my license or my car.’
    • ‘But most retirees' benches resemble furniture constructed in a ninth-grade shop class: They're lopsided, and some are missing a leg.’
    • ‘Bob Taylor began his guitar-making career in 1972 at age 17, when he longed for but could not afford a 12-string guitar, and so built his own in high school shop class.’
    • ‘One can only wonder what a day in Mr. Patterson's fourth period shop class must be like.’