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shop floor

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  • The part of a workshop or factory where production as distinct from administrative work is carried out.

    ‘working conditions on the shop floor’
    • ‘Is the shop floor worker to dictate to his manager what should be produced?’
    • ‘In particular, the production process on the shop floor of clothing firms is often intensive.’
    • ‘Some of the mostly male workers on the shop floor looked at their feet and avoided eye contact, she recalls.’
    • ‘My purpose is to examine how we might more successfully understand the shop floor politics of workers.’
    • ‘The incidence of sexual harassment is no higher in the world of finance than it is in the factory floor, the shop floor or the home.’
    • ‘Most of the 500 shop floor workers are in the TGWU union, who narrowly voted for the pay offer.’
    • ‘He appears to feel no responsibility to his shop-floor employees, most of them parents themselves.’
    • ‘If he is still working, he is likely to be walking around the shop floor, learning about the company from the bottom up, as always.’
    • ‘I cannot see my staff on the shop floor because it is so busy.’
    • ‘Their first week is likely to be made up of induction training in the mornings and gaining product knowledge on the shop floor in the afternoons.’
    • ‘They say Leighton has a knack of gaining the respect of employees, particularly at the shop floor end of the businesses he is involved with.’
    • ‘The former warehouse operative said she was unable to work properly and was moved from the shop floor to provide oral training to new starters.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Portakabin said approximately 40 jobs would be axed from the shop floor and eight from the offices.’
    • ‘Cast your eye around the office or across the shop floor.’
    • ‘They have lost patience with politicians and have simply gone ahead with their own reform plans - in the boardroom and on the shop floor.’
    • ‘This meant there were fewer people doing more, and working longer hours, in intrinsically insecure jobs from top floor to the shop floor.’
    • ‘Miles Hilton, 53, of Huncoat, is the shop floor representative and has worked at the firm for 30 years.’
    • ‘I've always been the person on the shop floor - I've always been hands-on.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, this has been voted on and recommended for acceptance by the stewards' committee without ever asking the shop floor workers.’
    • ‘But it's understood the firm will look to shed about 50 jobs from the shop floor with the remaining workers to go from offices.’
    workshop, workroom, plant, factory, works, manufacturing complex, industrial unit, business unit, mill, foundry, yard, garage, atelier, studio


shop floor

/ˌʃɒp ˈflɔː/ /ˈʃɒp flɔː/