Meaning of shop owner in English:

shop owner


  • The owner and manager of a shop.

    ‘the friendly small shop owner who knows everybody’
    • ‘Trade shows give you the opportunity to meet shop owners from all over the country.’
    • ‘Grandma is an old-world candy shop owner who doesn't like kids.’
    • ‘Flynn is one of a number of shop owners who have swapped brands in recent years.’
    • ‘His father was an auto repair shop owner.’
    • ‘With just a few thousand pounds of capital, any budding entrepreneur could set up shop and be a coffee shop owner.’
    • ‘I would recommend that you communicate with other gift shop owners.’
    • ‘She is just right as the sweet flower shop owner who has been unlucky in love too many times.’
    • ‘After a few verses a near-by shop owner came out and applauded the street performer and asked for an encore.’
    • ‘Short on cash, she has to refuse the fruit, but the shop owner responds to her sadness and gives her the peach as a gift.’
    • ‘While on a window washing assignment, Wallace gets romantically involved with a lonely shop owner.’
    • ‘Shop owners and traders would do well to take a close look at the manners displayed by some of their staff towards customers.’
    • ‘Shop owners have a tendency of scoffing at customers as they window shop before they decide what they would like to buy.’
    • ‘This gave me ample opportunity to sneak into the shop and steal whatever I could lay my hands on before the shop owner strolled back in.’
    • ‘Visit the Web sites of other gift shop owners and look at some of the creative things they might be doing to stimulate business.’
    • ‘In two weeks time I'll probably be back to being just a pub musician and a shop owner.’
    • ‘"He is my friend," the shop owner said.’
    • ‘It's a historical city, so the shop owners have to rebuild themselves to fit the architecture, not the other way around.’
    • ‘Elderly shop-owners are especially vulnerable to being duped by realistic guns.’
    • ‘We found that after years of healthy sales, today's shop-owners remain confident that they can weather the storm.’
    • ‘Police are hunting for a man who carried out an unprovoked attack on a shop-owner and his son with a hammer.’
    shop-owner, shop manager, shop proprietor, retailer, dealer, seller, trader, trafficker, wholesaler, broker, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, tradesman, distributor, agent, vendor