Meaning of shop talk in English:

shop talk

Pronunciation /ˈʃɒp tɔːk/


mass noun
  • Conversation about one's occupation or business at an informal or social occasion.

    ‘they kept off further shop talk until they were having coffee’
    • ‘When I was a kid I loved listening to all the shop talk around the breakfast table and dinner table.’
    • ‘Autobiography prevails over shop talk, and every voice flickers with creative passion.’
    • ‘Finally, there is plenty of shop talk in his conversations to keep film students and film buffs interested.’
    • ‘I turned, preparing myself for more shop talk, then stopped and stared.’
    • ‘The son of a carpenter, Shumsky preferred the company of painters and scientists to those whose conversation was simply violinists' shop talk.’
    • ‘After another hour or two of shop talk and I was positively exhausted and dropped into bed like a sack of potatoes, only to wake up before 4 am, unable to sleep.’
    • ‘And now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to stop with the shop talk while we eat.’
    • ‘There's only one place in any large corporation where shop talk is banned, where rank means nothing and where the persecuted minority gather for regular support: The Smoking Room.’