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Pronunciation /ˈʃɒpˌkiːpə/

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  • The owner and manager of a shop.

    ‘When we walk into a shop we get sneered at by the shopkeeper and we are not left to walk about the shop freely.’
    • ‘He picked up an item from the shop and agreed to pay its price to the shopkeeper.’
    • ‘I dashed into a shop and told the shopkeeper that I had to use his phone urgently.’
    • ‘Why were the Indian shopkeepers driven out when now there are no shops at all?’
    • ‘Other traders and the shopkeepers whose overheads are very high can tell similar stories.’
    • ‘Women also frequently work in family businesses as shopkeepers and seamstresses.’
    • ‘The shopkeepers were not just dealers but they were collectors of good books.’
    • ‘Plans to lease five rooms in the old town hall to traders have drawn fierce reaction from shopkeepers.’
    • ‘In the meantime, as part of a protest, shopkeepers could refuse to pay their business rates.’
    • ‘During the day, shopkeepers and businesses hang their laundry out to dry in the parking spaces.’
    • ‘You see, in most other parts of the country, shopkeepers install bells on the doors of their shops.’
    • ‘The procession is a boon for shopkeepers in the area, especially restaurateurs.’
    • ‘The dance critics may be undecided, but the hoteliers and shopkeepers of the capital salute her.’
    • ‘Manufacturers, shopkeepers, and vendors rounded up their prices to an even number.’
    • ‘Bolton shopkeepers and businesses have spent a lot of time and money to encourage visitors to their town.’
    • ‘One day, he noticed a small boy who ran into the shop, handed some flowers to the shopkeeper, and asked for a meal.’
    • ‘They are asking the public and shopkeepers to be aware of people trying to change large numbers of coins into notes.’
    • ‘They were all shopkeepers, tradesmen, workers, and such, not leading men of Boston.’
    • ‘The girl's terrified screams alerted a shopkeeper and his friend who managed to kick the animals away.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, shopkeepers, market stall holders and restaurateurs are losing money.’
    shop-owner, shop manager, shop proprietor, retailer, dealer, seller, trader, trafficker, wholesaler, broker, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, tradesman, distributor, agent, vendor
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