Meaning of shoplifting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɒplɪftɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The action of stealing goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer.

    ‘she had convictions for shoplifting’
    • ‘He said the use of cameras in Wootton Bassett had seen a big drop in vandalism and shoplifting.’
    • ‘Theft is nothing unusual at the shop, which suffers shoplifting on a daily basis.’
    • ‘This is like saying that shoplifting isn't stealing because you're not robbing a bank.’
    • ‘The customers suspected of shoplifting were sometimes manhandled in a most indecent way.’
    • ‘This is like tricking someone into shoplifting for you or stealing for you.’
    • ‘The more seriously society takes shoplifting, the more shoplifters will be deterred.’
    • ‘His life consisted of shoplifting, begging and stealing to feed his addiction to speed and heroin.’
    • ‘He took to heroin, burglary and shoplifting, even stealing from his brother and grandmother.’
    • ‘Many supported their habits through shoplifting, petty theft, or prostitution.’
    • ‘Most of them have committed felonies like drug possession, drunk driving, and shoplifting.’
    • ‘For thieves it is easier than burglary, robbery, shoplifting or mugging.’
    • ‘This is usually the case for offenses like shoplifting or burglary.’
    • ‘The crimes include shoplifting, assault, public order offences, theft and criminal damage.’
    • ‘Petty crimes, such as vandalism and shoplifting, are also commonplace.’
    • ‘Most of the crimes were not of a violent nature, but tended to involve shoplifting, larceny, begging or squatting.’
    • ‘Youths and adults were arrested for theft, shoplifting, assaulting a police officer and public order offences.’
    • ‘Children as young as 14 could be tested for drugs if they are arrested for offences such as burglary, robbery or shoplifting.’
    • ‘The court heard he had 19 previous convictions for shoplifting.’
    • ‘Also, popular kids with troublesome peers showed the highest likelihood of being led into such dangers as vandalism and shoplifting.’
    • ‘She recognised Lovett, who has previous convictions for burglary, shoplifting, assault and handling stolen goods.’
    theft, stealing, thievery, robbery, larceny, pilfering, pilferage