Meaning of shopping in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɒpɪŋ/

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mass noun, often as modifier
  • 1The action or activity of buying goods from shops.

    ‘shopping is so exhausting—all those decisions!’
    • ‘a busy shopping area’
    • ‘An additional escalator will be installed to take people up to the new shopping area.’
    • ‘The centre is a big part of Bradford's shopping area so it isn't good that some shops are empty.’
    • ‘A power cut on the busiest shopping day of the week affected both businesses and residents in Kendal.’
    • ‘Connaught Avenue, the town's main shopping street, was busy throughout, despite the weather.’
    • ‘Further on was a busy little shopping district with fancy storefronts that could have come directly from the any of the big cities on the coast.’
    • ‘Look at your eating style and shopping and cooking techniques.’
    • ‘One of Ilkley's busiest shopping streets will become one-way for three weeks as major work begins to revamp the street.’
    • ‘The demonstration spilled out of the square, and we started marching up Pride Hill, Shrewsbury's busiest shopping street.’
    • ‘Traders in Maldon Road are furious and say the development would destroy their businesses by cutting them off from Witham's main shopping area.’
    • ‘For your shopping convenience, the 18 units can be had for a sweet $16 million.’
    • ‘The shopping promotion runs until the end of August.’
    • ‘The company says the modest increase in the size of the store would provide a more modern shopping environment for customers with wider aisles and more room to circulate.’
    • ‘There really is only so much shopping people can do.’
    • ‘The holidays are over, but the post-holiday sales are spurring plenty of shopping activity.’
    • ‘Ensure that you buy all the heaviest items first without any regard for the rest of your shopping activities.’
    • ‘"Shopping takes your mind away from the stress," she said.’
    • ‘Prague is rapidly improving as a centre for shopping.’
    • ‘Our obsession with shopping is standing in the way of financial security.’
    • ‘For most people, shopping is a chore.’
    • ‘Saturday shopping can be a nightmare, especially if you have a baby to look after.’
    acquisition, investment, buy, order, deal, bargain, property, asset, possession, holding
    1. 1.1Goods bought from shops, especially food and household goods.
      ‘a bag of shopping’
      • ‘The only evidence of them staying up late was the bags of shopping that were on the table.’
      • ‘Coming the other direction were loads of people all carrying huge bags of shopping and duvets bought at Morrisons.’
      • ‘She was seen heaving heavy bags of shopping through the Christmas crowds in North London three days after giving birth to her first child.’
      • ‘In one wave of her hand and a stifled laugh she explained the ridiculous situation of having done her shopping on a day that was snowing like crazy, and having to make her way home with full bags of shopping.’
      • ‘I am not sure if I will be able to cope with overcrowded trains and a big bag of shopping.’
      • ‘Over the last month I've made much use of the mammoth boot although I have found that, given its flat floor, bags of shopping can slide around unless you make use of the restraining hooks.’
      • ‘It was Christine's mum, carrying with her the smell of cheap perfume and three carrier bags of shopping from Tesco's.’
      • ‘So today, I'm walking down the street, carrying a few bags of shopping.’
      • ‘Then they walked back out to the car, Victoria laden with three bags of shopping, and drove back to the school.’
      • ‘He pushed her over so he could steal her bag of shopping, her purse and money, before he fled, leaving her lying injured on the ground.’
      • ‘I took that everywhere with us and I'd set it up in the hotel room and I'd come back with my carrier bags of shopping and cook.’
      • ‘I took him straight back to camp and he took a bag of my shopping with him so the guards would think he had just been down to the shops.’
      • ‘Discouraged I walked on towards home, bags of heavy shopping in my hands.’
      • ‘Here the tourists fight for seats with the elderly locals, usually weighed down with dozens of bags of shopping.’
      • ‘His parents were as usual arguing when they got home, snapping at each other as they carried bags of shopping in from the car.’
      • ‘A neighbour claimed to have seen her carrying bags of shopping which have never been found.’
      • ‘This snazzy function will appeal to anyone who has ever dug for a key in the rain while holding seven carrier bags of shopping.’
      • ‘When carrying any kind of weight be it heavy bags of shopping or children, always keep it close to you body’
      • ‘I winced as I remembered the number of times I'd walked the long walk up the hill to my room with bags of shopping.’
      • ‘Redmond also visited a cash and carry where he purchased his weekly shopping on Kennedy's account.’
      task, job, chore, assignment