Meaning of shopping trolley in English:

shopping trolley

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  • A bag or basket on wheels for carrying shopping, in particular a large wire basket on wheels provided for the use of supermarket customers.

    North American term shopping cart

    ‘This also means buggies and shopping trolleys can be wheeled straight on and there is also a ramp for wheelchair users.’
    • ‘A chat about rubbish led to a Sunday morning spent lifting shopping trolleys and old bikes from the local dock area.’
    • ‘They take ages to decide to cross, and then stop in the middle of the road to adjust the shopping inside their shopping trolleys.’
    • ‘They do not use the car park or shopping trolleys but since arriving at the supermarket site a couple of days ago, they are being carefully watched.’
    • ‘Hospital staff and police believe that concrete bollards were loaded into a shopping trolley and used as a battering ram on the cars and some windows.’
    • ‘They were using everything they could get their hands on, pushing cars, using shopping trolleys to ram the police, and hurling bricks.’
    • ‘In Manchester alone, fridges, concrete blocks, a car bonnet, piles of tyres, bikes and shopping trolleys have been left on the tracks.’
    • ‘Do not leave handbags on shopping trolleys or pushchairs’
    • ‘London's sewage flows through here, regularly backing up and overflowing into creeks and canals choked with dead cars and shopping trolleys.’
    • ‘Seven shopping trolleys packed with food were wheeled out of a Southampton banking HQ this week, destined to line the cupboards of the city's poorest families.’
    • ‘Within 24 hours they will be on supermarket shelves from Cornwall to Nottinghamshire or in shopping trolleys or carrier bags on their way home to provide someone with a tasty treat for tea.’
    • ‘We have one lady of 92 who wheels her shopping trolley down here to get her pension and buy her food.’
    • ‘Recently they revisited the River Cray at Barnes Cary in Crayford and retrieved 116 car tyres, some with wheels still attached, two shopping trolleys, a swivel chair and a bike frame from the river and riverbank.’
    • ‘They collected a car bonnet, shopping trolleys and all sorts of bits and pieces that had washed down the river and had collected there.’
    • ‘Graffiti, criminal damage and abandoned shopping trolleys are all factors which have been highlighted for police to tackle, as part of their efforts to reduce the fear of crime for residents, in Sunbury Common.’
    • ‘They had insisted helping her in with her shopping trolley but, once inside, one reached into the trolley to grab her handbag which contained £100 for her holiday.’
    • ‘I really could have done with a shopping trolley to get it to my car.’
    • ‘The source of the sound was an old shopping trolley, brown with rust and wheels that were beyond needing oil.’
    • ‘In a gruelling day of work, they discovered 40 tyres, half-a-dozen shopping trolleys and enough children's toys to stock a market stall.’
    • ‘Just like shopping trolleys, users will have to insert a £1 coin to access the wheelchairs, which cost £600 each.’