Meaning of shore-based in English:



  • Operating from or based on a shore or land.

    ‘shore-based guns’
    • ‘Cadets passing the examinations will be able to take up shore-based positions in the maritime industry.’
    • ‘Mr Bray ended up on the other side of Donegal Bay after losing radio contact with his shore-based team on Tuesday evening.’
    • ‘It is hoped this will see an integrated approach to shore-based fishing, safety, conservation and environmental concerns.’
    • ‘A comprehensive shore-based programme of entertainment is also planned and this will reflect the international nature of the event.’
    • ‘Event manager Olivia O'Reilly said details of the shore-based festival to accompany the Tall Ships Race will be announced later this month.’
    • ‘The diploma programme will also introduce the student to the wider maritime field and the supporting shore-based infrastructure for the industry.’
    • ‘On-site and off-site contractors who access Navy systems for the purpose of supporting Navy shore-based operations are also covered.’
    • ‘As expected, a shore-based festival will be taking place to accompany the Tall Ships Race which is currently being organised by TV Honan of Waterford Spraoi.’
    • ‘How and why could 4,400 ships, serving the world's most demanding and tactically astute military leader, sink one after another within sight of a shore-based enemy armed only with swords?’
    • ‘This study presents the results of shore-based counts of bowhead whales along the Chukotka Peninsula in 1999, 2000, and 2001.’
    • ‘We monitored population numbers, sex, and age ratios of Harlequin Ducks each winter along the southern Isle au Haut shoreline during 52 shore-based counts since 1988.’
    • ‘Mother, though, seemed to get thinner and less active as the winter passed into spring, and one day she and the eldest daughter left in the truck of a sympathetic shore-based neighbour, a trip from which only the daughter returned.’
    • ‘Updates may also be provided by shore-based authorities or those working in the near shore waters.’
    • ‘The programme ultimately developed miniature heart rate detectors to relay back second-by-second information on feeding habits of the fish to shore-based receiving stations.’
    • ‘The study's population was shore-based anglers fishing at the Richmond Harbor and the San Pablo Reservoir.’
    • ‘As in other shore-based whale counts, the probability of detection in this study decreased with distance.’
    • ‘If you suffer from seasickness, choose a shore-based trip.’
    • ‘Much of the shore-based fishing likely took place in the waters directly off the homestead property.’
    • ‘A shore-based health and medical support element will also be set up to replace the facility on board Manoora.’
    • ‘The gala promises to be a marvellous shore-based equivalent of the marine events earlier in the day.’