Meaning of short-arse in English:



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informal, derogatory
  • A person of small stature.

    • ‘Incidentally, when he attends film premiers he has his ‘people’ build him a small ramp on the red carpet so that when he's photographed next to his leading ladies he doesn't look like such a short-arse.’
    • ‘To me that's like saying, ‘Toulouse-Lautrec - what a short-arse,’ and walking straight past the canvases.’
    • ‘First up is my old friend Stuey who, despite being a bit of a short-arse, has found a young lady who tolerates his many faults.’
    • ‘He is a very cheap character and a short-arse like a lot of them are, puffed up like a turkey.’
    • ‘You are most definitely a short-arse.’