Meaning of short-haired in English:


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  • 1(of a person) having short hair.

    ‘a short-haired girl wearing glasses’
    • ‘I was waiting at a bus stop when a short-haired woman said to me, "That man is bothering me."’
    • ‘Only the short-haired youth bore a weapon, and that was a small knife.’
    • ‘A short-haired waitress brings me my first dish: a prawn, pineapple, and avocado sushi.’
    • ‘She seemed to be very close with a short-haired blonde woman in the club.’
    • ‘Onlookers said the screen beauty appeared to have struck up a very close friendship with the short-haired woman.’
    • ‘A short-haired person will not be able to wear the styles for the medium to longer lengths.’
    • ‘There's an edgy, youthful feel to the sprawling stone downtown, where gaggles of short-haired, punky students walk narrow, walled streets.’
    • ‘He looked up and saw the short-haired blonde from the other night.’
    • ‘The smile did break as the short-haired boy glanced at the large cardboard box in his lap.’
    • ‘She turned to be faced with her short-haired friend bouncing up and down excitedly.’
    1. 1.1(of a breed of dog or cat) having short hair or fur.
      ‘short-haired, smooth-coated dogs’
      • ‘The deputy manager at the shelter, said: "The cat is a ginger domestic short-haired cat."’
      • ‘His only companion is Nicky, a short-haired calico cat.’
      • ‘The highlight of the show this year was Bull Mastiff, a giant short-haired dog, bred for more than 2,000 years in England.’
      • ‘We're keen to get a dog but they don't mix very happily with cats, and we still have a British short-haired cat, Henry.’
      • ‘If you hate grooming, buy a short-haired dog.’
      • ‘They are short-haired dogs, sandy in colour, which were brought to Australia from South-East Asia between 3000 and 4000 years ago.’
      • ‘Cooper is a grey, short-haired cat with a white splash of fur on his left hind-foot.’
      • ‘The six-year-old short-haired tabby is a nervous cat with a tendency to spray, but with the right home and lots of attention, she can be very affectionate.’
      • ‘We had a preference for a kitten, and for a short-haired cat, but neither of these were deal-breakers’
      • ‘She is a cross between a British short-haired and an ordinary domestic cat.’
      • ‘Short-haired dogs require brushing while Terriers coats are plucked to remove dead hair.’
      • ‘"They're poisoning our animals," said one cat owner, whose short-haired black and white cat was admitted to the Animal Medical Center on Saturday and released yesterday.’
      • ‘A medium-size, short-haired dog lies next to the chair and looks alertly toward the camera.’
      • ‘The problem with cats is generally the dander, and if you get a very short-haired cat when it's a kitten, I'm told that they can learn not to mind being bathed regularly, which cuts way, way down on the dander.’