Meaning of short-lasting in English:



  • Occurring or effective for only a short period of time.

    ‘the bug causes short-lasting outbreaks of abdominal pain and nausea’
    • ‘Most of these plant-based essential oils tend to have short-lasting properties compared with DEET.’
    • ‘It is known by vet pain specialists in academia to be too short-lasting to be any good.’
    • ‘After a succession of short-lasting governors, he brought a new continuity to Irish administration.’
    • ‘Unlike greenhouse gases such as CO2 that warm the atmosphere, air pollutants are short-lasting.’
    • ‘Your child will feel hard pressure when the needle is put in and some short-lasting pain that should stop in a few seconds.’
    • ‘Facials feel good and seem to have short-lasting effects for the day or two following the facial.’
    • ‘In some individuals giardiasis is short-lasting and resolves spontaneously, whereas in others infection can be prolonged and debilitating.’
    • ‘Short-lasting fatigue appears to have a protective function, because it can prevent injury caused by forceful muscle contractions.’
    • ‘It has mild and short-lasting anti-anxiety effect.’
    • ‘We sent short-lasting insecticide clouds up into the canopy, and the insects came coughing down to the floor where we collected them in funnels.’
    severe, intense, short-lasting