Meaning of short-tailed vole in English:

short-tailed vole


another term for field vole
‘They sometimes hunt birds, but mostly hunt small mammals, in particular, short-tailed voles, using sound to detect their prey.’
  • ‘The harvest mouse occurs here and short-tailed voles are abundant, regularly attracting barn owls and other birds of prey to hunt over the grassland.’
  • ‘This long grass grows well along the roads, and so the short-tailed vole lives there, with the result that the Barn Owls hunt there.’
  • ‘The smaller short-tailed vole cuts off short lengths of grass and stores them in neat piles in long or rough grassland areas.’
  • ‘Small mammals such as wood mice, bank voles and short-tailed voles use them for shelter and sometimes as locations for food caches.’