Meaning of short-term in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʃɔːtˈtəːm/

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  • Occurring over or relating to a short period of time.

    ‘it might be a wise short-term investment’
    • ‘Her short-term memory is very poor but she has a great mind for trivia about old film stars.’
    • ‘The Minister said that the short-term objective now is to get the talks back on track.’
    • ‘There is a trend for houses to be bought up and rented out to short-term residents.’
    • ‘The creative use of mauve does nothing for our confidence in our short-term future.’
    • ‘One other thing that the study shows is that short-term investment is a stupid thing to try.’
    • ‘We have more interest in saving for short-term luxuries than in investing for our future.’
    • ‘I have a good short-term memory, and can carry chunks of poetry around in my head.’
    • ‘Perhaps people can see that investment in the future means short-term sacrifice.’
    • ‘They described the effects of these strokes as depression and loss of short-term memory.’
    • ‘The short-term future of the province lies in the hands of a man whose beliefs are as absurd as they are dangerous.’
    • ‘The short-term goals are survival followed by a period of sustained recovery.’
    • ‘Bogus sickness appears to be rising and genuine, short-term illness is also on the increase.’
    • ‘The short-term security of supply has been a key theme in the build-up to war.’
    • ‘Our work, however, is being undermined by false promises and short-term thinking.’
    • ‘Ownership was lost three years ago after the club failed to honour a short-term mortgage secured on it.’
    • ‘Used for the short-term relief of such symptoms, the benefits outweigh the risk for most women.’
    • ‘Even if he is right, the short-term pressures facing corporations are intense.’
    • ‘They are therefore easier to trade quickly to profit from short-term trends.’
    • ‘This will not be a plan for party renewal, rather a short-term strategy to get through the next election.’
    • ‘We are looking at giving Chris Porter a short-term deal but we may be getting somebody from outside as well.’
    brief, momentary, temporary, short-lived, impermanent, short-term, cursory, fleeting, passing, fugitive, flying, lightning, transitory, transient, ephemeral, evanescent, fading, quick, meteoric