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short circuit


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  • An electrical circuit in a device of lower resistance than that of a normal circuit, especially one resulting from the unintended contact of components and consequent accidental diversion of the current.

    ‘an office block had been set on fire by an electrical short circuit’
    • ‘You can create closed loops and boxes without short circuits by using dead connectors.’
    • ‘The balloon deflated over the wires resulting in a short circuit to the electricity supply.’
    • ‘The hardware has been redesigned to prevent damage caused by short circuits or power surges.’
    • ‘Many of them were young boys whose wire strings hit electrical power lines, causing short circuits.’
    • ‘There will be electrical and plumbing problems, such as short circuits and exploding toilets.’
    • ‘Other features include thermal shutdown protection, to protect against short circuits.’
    • ‘An electrical short circuit was blamed for this fire as well.’
    • ‘Brown tree snakes crawling on electrical power lines cause short circuits and are responsible for frequent power outages on Guam.’
    • ‘The cause is believed to be an electrical short circuit.’
    • ‘The fire broke out because of electrical short circuit.’
    • ‘The moisture, it was judged, caused a short circuit between the aircraft's main electrical power line and the missile firing circuit.’
    • ‘Investigators believe the explosion was caused by an electrical short circuit and claim that the plant was illegally manufacturing ammunition and explosives.’
    • ‘Under the right conditions, these charged particles in the vicinity of the spacecraft have caused massive electrical short circuits in spacecraft hardware.’
    • ‘Once the fire was under control, the boat's captain told navy officers that the fire began from an electrical short circuit in the engine room and spread quickly through the wooden vessel.’
    • ‘Investigators believe that a spark from a short circuit dropped into a paint-mixing container and caused the explosion.’
    • ‘They believe the fire might have been started by a spark from a short circuit or spilled flammable liquid carried by a passenger.’
    • ‘This increases the current load in wiring, and the PVC insulation melts, leading to short circuits.’
    • ‘There are other instances of these short circuits.’
    • ‘Another source of short circuits is channels through the sand.’
    • ‘The design of the septic tank should be such that the wastewater always flows in its designated path and no short circuits in the water flow occur.’


(also short-circuit)
  • 1(with reference to an electrical device) malfunction or fail, or cause to do this, as a result of a short circuit.

    no object ‘the birds caused the electricity supply to short-circuit’
    • ‘water had leaked into the washing machine's motor, short-circuiting it’
    • ‘Mulch could also cause power lines to short-circuit and temporarily paralyse the rail network.’
    • ‘The electrical systems on the walls started to short-circuit before exploding in a chain reaction.’
    • ‘One reason fire ants are so troublesome is that they commonly short-circuit electrical equipment of all kinds.’
    • ‘A woman she knows feels her electric wheelchair betrayed her when it short-circuited and stopped in traffic.’
    • ‘The train's electrical doors short-circuited and passengers had to break reinforced glass windows to escape.’
    • ‘Later inspection indicated that the seal between the lid and case failed, allowing moisture to enter and short-circuit the batteries.’
    • ‘In Florida, he said, the most common reason air conditioners break down is because fire ants short-circuit the electrical components.’
    • ‘Active muscles deplete their potassium, which short-circuits the electrical current passing through the muscles and causes fatigue.’
    • ‘The car horn went off as water short-circuited the electrical system and a woman living on an estate just 20 yards away was woken at 5.45 am.’
    • ‘We were running up and down shouting and calling, pulling at gates, knocking on metal fences, even trying to short-circuit electric fences to set off alarms.’
    • ‘It is claimed that in the summer of 2000 the supplier of the epoxy made the first of several changes to its product, and it was this that ultimately caused the chips to fail by short-circuiting.’
    • ‘More often than not, the connection short-circuited.’
    • ‘As the water from the snow seeped into the back-up generator, it short-circuited.’
    • ‘Of course half of South London had to abandon their cars last night and of course the rain has short-circuited half the signal boxes on our railways this morning.’
    short-circuit, burn out, stop working, trip, break
    1. 1.1with object Shorten (a process or activity) by using a more direct (but often improper) method.
      ‘the planning process should not be short-circuited’
      • ‘They want to short-circuit a selection process, and I can kind of understand why.’
      • ‘We need to know how to short-circuit this process and do the right thing.’
      • ‘In these ways, herbivory short-circuits the decomposition process and speeds rates of nutrient cycling.’
      • ‘I think the intention of this bill is quite clear: it is to try to short-circuit the treaty negotiations process.’
      • ‘But the college can't just short-circuit the contractual fair-hearing process.’
      • ‘Under the plans, long - winded planning regulations would be short-circuited so that developments could get off the ground far more quickly.’
      • ‘All attempts to short-circuit this process, they claim, by pressing for a complete break with the old organisations and the building of a genuine socialist party, is sectarianism of the worst sort and is doomed to failure.’
      • ‘Today's new rich would not shrink from spending a few thousand bucks as bribes to short-circuit the queue.’
      • ‘Southwestern Washington tabled a similar resolution, saying it would short-circuit the ELCA study.’
      • ‘One way to short-circuit the current culture war debate would be to propose substantial tax relief and extra benefits to married parents who successfully raise their children.’
      • ‘We tried to short-circuit that process by teaching leadership.’
      • ‘How many cures for diseases and market opportunities have been missed as a result of short-circuiting the creative process?’