Meaning of short commons in English:

short commons


  • Insufficient allocation of food.

    ‘a life of short commons’
    • ‘The threat of ‘short commons’ is the threat of an insufficiency.’
    • ‘This biscuit was to be kept strapped on the top of each man's knapsack, well tied, with brigade orders for no man to taste a morsel of it, unless given out in written orders to that effect, as our brigadier expected we should be on short commons while on the Pyrenees, and this was to be, in case of scarcity, our last resource.’
    • ‘If these gales continued for any length of time it often meant short commons for them and their families, unless they had had the foresight to lay in a good stock of cured fish.’
    • ‘They cultivate and survive in the bad environment, and are on short commons.’