Meaning of short measure in English:

short measure


  • An amount, especially of alcohol, less than that which is declared or paid for.

    ‘coal users in North Yorkshire are being sold short measures’
    • ‘the most serious crime is short measure on a pint’
    • ‘Coal users in North Yorkshire are being sold short measures, trading standards officers warned today.’
    • ‘Mrs Smith also tested the four-star dispenser at the same pump and found it, too, was delivering a short measure.’
    • ‘As well as the premises found serving short measures, more than a quarter of those visited had no notices stating the quantities spirits were sold in.’
    • ‘I had read in the pages of this hallowed publication all about the malpractice of not zeroing the petrol pumps and giving you short measure, but here's how they short-changed me.’
    • ‘Faces are red as ketchup at Heinz after it emerged that the company has promised an extra ounce of ketchup per bottle to ‘compensate’ the public for short measures in 1996.’
    • ‘I believe the correct answer is 28, but short measures are not unheard of in the industry!’
    • ‘Ms Hewitt said: ‘Pulling a pint is not a precise science but at the moment the worst offenders are consistently giving consumers a short measure.’’
    • ‘York MP Hugh Bayley, one of 137 MPs who have signed the motion, said today: ‘When drinkers order a pint they want a full glass, not a short measure.’’