Meaning of short metre in English:

short metre


  • A metrical pattern for hymns in which the stanzas have four lines with 6, 6, 8, and 6 syllables.

    ‘It was then that he experimented with a new form - short metre and a pleasing colloquial tone.’
    • ‘Common metre, short metre and long metre are almost always referred to by their letter abbreviations (CM, SM, LM).’
    • ‘In my edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern (With Accompanying Tunes), I discovered eleven Watts hymns: one in short meter, six in common, four in long.’
    • ‘All but a few of the psalms were presented in four-line stanzas in short metre, common metre, or long metre.’
    • ‘He used poetical and literary forms never before known to Punjabi, such as short metre and blank verse.’