Meaning of short of breath in English:

short of breath

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  • Panting; short-winded.

    ‘they become short of breath on very slight exertion’
    • ‘Laughing until she's short of breath, her panting pleas for release are finally granted.’
    • ‘After five heart attacks and a stroke, Charles Neal's heart was so worn out that he could not walk across a room without feeling exhausted and short of breath.’
    • ‘If you have asthma, and you inhale the airborne pollen, you may start coughing, wheezing, and be short of breath.’
    • ‘Usually I could only run a very short distance before getting too exhausted and short of breath to continue.’
    • ‘Many women find that they need to slow down their pace of exercise during pregnancy when they are short of breath or tired.’
    • ‘This makes them appear pale, and they may become abnormally tired and short of breath while playing.’
    • ‘People who experience both asthma and hay fever may also wheeze and become short of breath.’
    • ‘For the first time in over four months he could breathe without feeling short of breath.’
    • ‘It would leave him short of breath and more easily tired for the rest of his days, however.’
    • ‘I remember breathing very quickly and becoming short of breath.’
    out of breath, panting, puffing, gasping, gasping for breath, huffing and puffing, puffing and blowing, puffed, puffed out, gulping, gulping for breath, wheezing, wheezy, choking, winded