Meaning of short trousers in English:

short trousers

plural noun

  • Trousers reaching only to the knee, as worn typically by young boys.

    ‘it happened twenty years ago, when you were still in short trousers’
    • ‘One of my mother's most treasured photographs is of me in short trousers, blazer and tie on my first day at school.’
    • ‘He was an archivist while still in short trousers in Dorset.’
    • ‘Barely out of short trousers, Andrew was acting terribly grown-up.’
    • ‘I went up to my room and began to look through my wardrobe for something to wear as currently I was wearing a long t-shirt and short trousers.’
    • ‘Before long the sitting room at the Moran's London Road home was bursting at the seams with donated short trousers, skirts, shirts, caps and berets.’
    • ‘But I was in short trousers and much too young to go.’
    • ‘The fashionable policy of ‘inclusion’ is popular only among theorists who haven't been in a classroom since they wore short trousers.’
    • ‘I felt like a little boy in short trousers, but I said, ‘I'm sure you're right, but I want to do this - I think this is important.’’
    • ‘Maths tutor Mr Green, 59, said: ‘I saw a bare chested youth with short trousers running away.’’
    • ‘Tiger has known this since he was dressed in short trousers.’
    • ‘Barely out of short trousers, Clark left home at 13 for a place at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London.’
    • ‘It was being presented by a rosy-cheeked twelve year old in short trousers!’
    • ‘Will skirts be measured for length or short trousers rendered compulsory?’
    • ‘When they started school together nearly 50 years ago it was in short trousers.’
    • ‘He wore short trousers for his big adventure: an invitation from Real Madrid to trial with them.’
    • ‘In Georgian times men wore short trousers and he changed all that in the 19th Century.’
    • ‘There was even an Australian cartoon superhero, named Conehead, who wore a cape, short trousers, and a dunces-cap.’
    • ‘When Harry Flashman was but a little lad in short trousers he used to be given ‘compositions’ for homework.’
    • ‘This writer, however, returned to a place that was a lovely experience when we wore short trousers.’
    • ‘He had on that day managed to make a last minute purchase of a pair of short trousers to be properly attired for the final match.’