Meaning of shortbread in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɔːtbrɛd/

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mass noun
  • A crisp, rich, crumbly type of biscuit made with butter, flour, and sugar.

    ‘Celeste came back with two slices of pizza and a plate of shortbread sugar cookies.’
    • ‘The origin of the name of these dainty shortbread biscuits is interesting.’
    • ‘When I'm tired, I eat roasted peppers, rice pudding, shortbread biscuits dunked in tea.’
    • ‘Some posh wafers might be good here, or, if you can be bothered, some homemade shortbread, baked really thin and crisp.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, supermarket chain Tesco's toffee fudge shortbread contained 2.5g of the fat.’
    • ‘Fresh pasta, oatcakes and shortbread are made on the premises, and game, seafood and salads are prepared from scratch.’
    • ‘The shortbread is made of flour, butter, and sugar, bound with milk or an egg, and optionally flavoured with almond or caraway seeds.’
    • ‘I crumbled a piece of my shortbread cookie with my thumb.’
    • ‘She serves it with cinnamon-flavoured shortbread.’
    • ‘Kate makes Christmas shortbread - she finds a little rice flour mixed in makes a smoother biscuit.’
    • ‘Never substitute margarine for the butter, since the whole point of shortbread is its buttery taste.’
    • ‘Offer cinnamon buns, shortbread, hot cider and coffee throughout the day and soup and bread at lunchtime.’
    • ‘These substantial cookies, which taste a bit like shortbread, are perfect for dunking in all-natural peanut or hempnut butter.’
    • ‘These cookies are probably better classified as shortbread.’
    • ‘I vividly recall the rich aroma of warm treacle scones, the sight of Scotch pancakes being flipped over, the taste of sticky jam tarts and the crunch of sugar-topped shortbread.’
    • ‘Managing director Paul Grant believes the company's growth since its beginnings in 1995 can be likened to the success of a certain well-known brand of shortbread.’
    • ‘When Helen Dean first made shortbread in her Huntly kitchen to help raise funds for her husband's local pipe band, she never dreamt that it would be the start of a multinational company.’
    • ‘He describes the market for shortbread as seasonal, although it is sold year round in Japan, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.’
    • ‘We gave him a box of Scottish shortbread wrapped in eucalyptus leaves to show our gratitude, and to make some sort of bizarre cross-cultural statement.’
    • ‘There is also a porridge spurtle, potato masher and an array of tart tins and baking sheets - one baking tin being specifically for the weekly batch of shortbread.’


Early 19th century short from short in the sense ‘easily crumbled’.