Meaning of shortness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɔːtnəs/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of being relatively small in height or length.

    ‘because of my shortness I had to crane my head to see’
    • ‘the unnatural shortness of the bed’
    • ‘Her shortness was compensated for by a pair of blue high-heeled shoes.’
    • ‘The shortness of the steel on the blade indicates that it was originally a good deal longer.’
    • ‘She had her hair carelessly tied back, but due to the shortness of it, tendrils of hair were already escaping the elastic band.’
    • ‘Her fidgetiness was noticed when the shortness of her nails was being discussed.’
    • ‘May there be any connection between the shortness of the stone and the fact that it bears no name?’
    • ‘It's a disease causing shortness in height, redness of skin, and susceptibility to respiratory tract and ear infections.’
    • ‘I have heard some people call these conditions 'diseases' while others do not: addiction, shortness, baldness, impotence, crooked teeth, deafness, all mental illness, etc.’
    • ‘One manifestation was that people got shorter, but it was not the population's shortness that mattered.’
    • ‘His build made up for his shortness, his broad shoulders clearly apparent under a torn and tattered linen shirt.’
    • ‘If the client has a problem with the shortness of the cable you offer, respond with the affirmation that you understand they are looking for a longer one.’
  • 2The quality of lasting a small amount of time.

    ‘the shortness of the lease’
    • ‘shortness of memory’
    • ‘Because of the shortness of the season, no satisfactory playoff system has ever been agreed on.’
    • ‘Lest I give the impression that only early works suffer from the shortness of critical memory, let us look briefly at a more recent work.’
    • ‘It does not arrive as most persons do, in realization of the shortness and smallness of human life.’
    • ‘This 1897 story harrowingly captures the nastiness, brutishness, and shortness of life in a village of the time.’
    • ‘It's a slightly depressing tale, but it definitely makes the viewer reflect on the shortness of life.’
    • ‘It appears the timing and shortness of the consultation period was planned.’
    • ‘He'll just go for the lowest common denominator and criticise the shortness of their sentence.’
    • ‘Those who assume Americans must be insular because they lack passports fail to take all of the factors into consideration, especially the shortness of vacations.’
    • ‘Due to the shortness of our visit, we wanted to revisit the site to try and find more of the birds that inhabit that particular area.’
    • ‘The shortness of that marriage could slash her divorce settlement to a "mere" £100 million, lawyers said last night.’
  • 3The quality of being relatively small in extent.

    ‘I apologize for the shortness of this letter’
    • ‘his speech was excellent because of its shortness’
    • ‘I am sorry for the shortness of chapter 12.’
    • ‘What's ironic about the shortness of the story mode is that the levels of play are actually pretty long.’
    • ‘I would certainly like to hear it on the concert stage—its shortness makes it an ideal filler for many programs.’
    • ‘The only big, ugly, major flaw with this DVD is its relative shortness.’
    • ‘Given the shortness of the two discs, I am hoping they are being offered for the price of one.’
    • ‘But what a scene this is, for all its shortness!’
    • ‘On page 785, they turn to the shortness of the deliberations.’
    • ‘She gives attention to the working conditions of miners over time and across regions, yet the shortness of the book dictates a very abbreviated labour history.’
    • ‘The largest problem that you'll find with the gameplay is the shortness of gameplay.’
    • ‘Despite its comparative shortness, the short story is open to both the random and the absolutely determined to an extent that would founder most novels.’
    1. 3.1shortness ofThe state of not having enough of something; lack.
      ‘the school had to close due to shortness of staff’
      • ‘because of the shortness of time, question 4 remained unanswered’
      • ‘she suffers from shortness of breath’
      • ‘Shortness of funds affected the company throughout its existence, severely handicapping the retailer's ability to compete with private firms.’
      • ‘He took objection to my dealing with interim support because of the shortness of notice.’
      • ‘When I'm working out, there is nothing more distracting than the sound of my own shortness of breath wheezing through my ears.’
      • ‘The motherboards were extremely rare, and it took more than three months until the shortness finally eased up.’
      • ‘Take all the measures in your power to discharge from the ice the British steamers whose return to England is essential on account of the shortness of transports.’
      • ‘As a complete surprise, except to those in the know, came the story of shortness of munitions.’
      • ‘He had heard that there was a great shortness in guns and munitions.’
      • ‘He spoke out quite freely and frankly, telling me of the shortness of supplies which delayed their advance.’
      • ‘Whoever considers the shortness of hope and is ignorant of the term, makes it obligatory.’
      • ‘Given the shortness of political horizons, it would be advantageous to have the quickest possible retribution for bad behaviour.’
  • 4The quality of being abrupt or rude in speech.

    ‘my shortness with people contributed to my demise’
    • ‘Still distraught over her shortness with him, he reminded her that the days of divorce being taboo were long gone.’
    • ‘He had no tolerance for Will's shortness with him.’
    • ‘Given her reputation for shortness with them, she might not accept it.’
    • ‘Impatience manifesting in rudeness or shortness is symptomatic of a rhythm problem.’
    • ‘Rudeness or shortness is a symptom of a deeper problem.’
    • ‘Are you often short with others, and do you make excuses for your shortness?’
    • ‘I think what looks like rudeness may be natural impatience or shortness with people who don't appear to have done any homework.’
    • ‘He was suffering from a brain cancer, which might explain his shortness with you.’
    • ‘We talked about this issue again on 20 January, when I expressed concern over your shortness with students.’
    • ‘She was not inclined to answer any questions without a sarcastic undertone or shortness with me.’