Meaning of shot-blast in English:



[with object]
  • Clean or strip (a metal or other surface) by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at it.

    ‘cast-iron work is shot-blasted to remove old paint layers’
    • ‘Machines are also re-lined to ensure correct body thickness, shot-blasted and re-sprayed for a long working life.’
    • ‘We don't know what finishes or flooring materials you install, but at the least, we would recommend shot-blasting a slab to prepare the surface for the toppings.’
    • ‘Most of these models have been shot-blasted to clean away the original paint, and chemically flushed to remove silt and corrosion from inside, and are suitable for use in the home.’
    • ‘For the museum project, Mulder shot-blasted the floor with an 80-grit profile, filled the control joints with a semi-rigid epoxy, and applied a 100% solids epoxy primer.’
    • ‘By registering every single component in the equipment control panel program, the conditions under which the component has been shot blasted can be traced back reliably.’