Meaning of shot-peen in English:



  • Shape (sheet metal) by bombarding it with a stream of metal shot.

    ‘these pieces were shot-peened on both flat faces’
    • ‘Once wound, ISMI springs are heat-treated, shot-peened and stress-relieved which, Cosat says, ‘Enhances grain structure, and promotes maximum longevity and consistent performance.’’
    • ‘To keep costs down, the EA50 is available in only four lengths and two rises, and the only (albeit attractive) color option is a shot-peened black finish.’
    • ‘The test results indicate that the sea water impact on the shot-peened surface of aluminum alloy 5083 is not significant.’
    • ‘It could be shown that this discrepancy can be ascribed to the high residual compressive stresses in the shot-peened steels.’
    • ‘The surface durability of the gear shot-peened under medium condition in this experimental range was higher than that of non-peened gear, on the other hand those of lightly or strongly shot-peened gears were lower.’