Meaning of shot glass in English:

shot glass


  • A small glass used for serving spirits.

    ‘Wiser pretended to down a glass of liquid, slammed the shot glass down, and smiled.’
    • ‘The bartender poured a drink into a shot glass, and gave it to him.’
    • ‘From the picnic table, he took two shot glasses and handed me one.’
    • ‘Is it a shot glass, a juice glass or an 8-ounce drinking glass?’
    • ‘Stash's has been lining up the shot glasses since the '70s.’
    • ‘The HBO store sells t-shirts, shot glasses, and the definitive book, The Sopranos: A Family History.’
    • ‘On the cart, place a martini shaker, some martini glasses and shot glasses, a decanter, your favorite booze, and whatever else you would stock in your home bar.’
    • ‘The certificate only adds to the bar's silly underdog appeal, as do the $4 Las Vegas Lounge shot glasses and $2 Las Vegas Lounge condoms.’
    • ‘One local man came in and bought four mugs, two shot glasses and two thimbles, and all morning people have been buying things.’
    • ‘They sell turkey jerky, bits of woolly mammoth tusk, shot glasses, and salty snacks.’
    • ‘A waitress walked past carrying two full shot glasses on a tray as one of the girls at the table pushed her chair back to get up.’
    • ‘Pasita is a sweet alcohol served in shot glasses with a piece of cheese and a raisin on a toothpick.’
    • ‘The barkeep, cleaning a shot glass with a dirty rag, turns and shakes his head.’
    • ‘Jerzy tipped the vodka bottle, filling my shot glass.’
    • ‘You line up and the monks give you a shot glass full of dark-coloured medicine made from 108 different herbs, including tree bark.’
    • ‘Each competitor has a shot glass, plenty of beer and ideally, an empty bladder.’
    • ‘At nearby pubs, ample cocktails were served in ‘fishbowls’ with straws or in shot glasses passed out for free.’
    • ‘Fans mobbed its street-level bar during Bulls games, and the gift shop moved everything from shot glasses to $1, 600 autographed jerseys.’
    • ‘‘Well, it's small, quiet, and the people are nice,’ the African American male said, cleaning some shot glasses.’
    • ‘While many operations will still serve some tequilas, mostly the silver or unaged ones, in shot glasses when ordered straight, they don't encourage the use of lime and salt.’