Meaning of shotgun cloning in English:

shotgun cloning


mass noun
  • The artificial insertion of random fragments of DNA from a donor organism into a recipient by genetic engineering.

    ‘In science and technology, the fast-moving field of genetics has given us some colourful new terms: it's a world of pathogenicity islands, shotgun cloning and terminator genes.’
    • ‘Microbial diversity and community structure in soil samples from conventional and organic farming sites were analysed using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and shotgun cloning.’
    • ‘We used it at several steps in our cloning procedure including recovery of the genomic fragments for shotgun cloning and eventual sequencing.’
    • ‘As far as i know, people usually produce subclones, map them by hybridization and then start shotgun cloning and sequencing many small clones.’
    • ‘A subset of the participants agreed to fully explore alternative strategies for shotgun cloning and sequencing the MAC genome.’