Meaning of shoulder to shoulder in English:

shoulder to shoulder

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  • 1Side by side.

    ‘everyone is bunched together shoulder to shoulder’
    • ‘Side by side they stood, shoulder to shoulder, and with their hats held to their chests.’
    • ‘I was shoulder to shoulder with Connor on one side, Drew on the other.’
    • ‘In battle, Dave says, he and his brothers-in-arms would have stood shoulder to shoulder, left side forward, shields locked, spears angled above the shield wall to jab at the enemy.’
    • ‘Young music fans don't mind being shoulder to shoulder at a concert, bouncing or even moshing to the beat.’
    • ‘Many couples keep their upper halves locked together, shoulder to shoulder.’
    • ‘In Westminster, scores of policemen stood shoulder to shoulder to shield the people's representatives from their constituents' anger.’
    • ‘While in many paintings the Belgian is a passive supervisor, in both sculptures, the Belgian officer and the African soldier stand shoulder to shoulder.’
    • ‘We sat, together, shoulder to shoulder, and watched the sun set.’
    side by side, abreast, alongside, alongside each other, level, beside each other, cheek by jowl
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    1. 1.1Acting together towards a common aim; with united effort.
      ‘we fought shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the country’
      • ‘Do they not stand there, shoulder to shoulder, united as a team for a united South Africa?’
      • ‘New York is a city of neighborhoods, of people working together, shoulder to shoulder.’
      • ‘One year ago I said to you that our country was correct to stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States.’
      • ‘If all the nations stand together shoulder to shoulder the very few nations left would be utterly overwhelmed.’
      • ‘Many volunteers from all backgrounds have been working shoulder to shoulder to put this project together.’
      • ‘And I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who's willing to stand with me, even if it is Andrew Sullivan.’
      • ‘We've got to stand shoulder to shoulder and keep a united voice.’
      • ‘Very often we have to work shoulder to shoulder with one another and do not want a situation that compromises that fraternity or causes tensions.’
      • ‘And that's why I'm so glad that the leadership of the Muslim community here has stood shoulder to shoulder with everyone else in it.’
      • ‘Along the beaches of Normandy old combatants from Germany and Great Britain will be standing shoulder to shoulder to commemorate the last great action of the Second World War.’
      united, together, jointly, working together, in partnership, in collaboration, in cooperation, cooperatively, side by side, arm in arm, hand in hand, in unity, in unison, in alliance, in league, in concert, concertedly, conjointly, as one
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