Meaning of shout-out in English:



  • (especially in hip-hop or dance music) a mention, credit, or greeting, typically one made over the radio or during a live performance.

    • ‘do you have any shout-outs to the homies in Europe?’
    • ‘There's just time for a shout-out to his granny, who has a cold and couldn't make it tonight.’
    • ‘The bass throughout is astonishingly deep and clear, and for the first time in my reviewing career I feel compelled to give a shout-out to the mastering engineer.’
    • ‘The diminutive bassist was actually getting a healthy dose of shout-outs from the audience, which led Danko to protest at one point that ‘I am a jealous man!’’
    • ‘‘Out of State’ is sweet and driving, and ‘Modern Age’ is a close-to-complacent shout-out to surrealism and post-70s rock.’
    • ‘The aforementioned ‘An Open Letter to NYC’ is the one track that truly lives up to the album's title with affectionate shout-outs to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.’
    • ‘Besides the odd shout-out or movie sample, this 30-minute mini-album is instrumental and packed with simplistic rock riffs that emphasize the complexity of these six untitled original songs' shifting structures.’
    • ‘The Detroit Free Press reports that mega-promoter Clear Channel has been offering last-minute fire sales to ensure that Rod Stewart and Sting's shout-outs to ‘all the people in the back’ don't go unanswered.’
    • ‘A particular shout-out goes to all the bloggers, too numerous to mention, who I have met in real life, many of whom I now consider as friends.’
    • ‘I shall, in all fairness and tradition, now give a shout-out to all my fellow performers.’
    • ‘Immediately he engages the crowd, standing at the edge of the stage, giving his shout-outs, moving his body to his own groove.’
    • ‘The album's best song is the deliciously funky title track, a shout-out to soul legends like Earth, Wind & Fire and James Brown.’
    • ‘Surely, she will get a shout-out from Flavor Flav somewhere in the album, or within its cover.’
    • ‘Okay, we've got a lot of business to attend to this week (don't miss the shout-outs down at the bottom), so I'm going to keep this week's theme - like many summer romances - relatively brief.’
    • ‘You listen to a tape, and Busta Rhymes may start to give shout-outs.’
    • ‘Jarmusch also used his speech to give shout-outs to Hou (‘I am your student,’ he said) and our Torontonian also-rans.’
    • ‘I love you all, as you know, and here are your shout-outs.’
    • ‘Lead singer Beth starts out most shows with several shout-outs to ‘the fat ladies!’’
    • ‘I do have shout-outs to bands and musicians I like in my books, but the musical references can be misunderstood.’
    • ‘You'll hear a lot of shout-outs to the ‘Neuf-trois’ - The Nine Three.’