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mass nounmainly North American
  • A teaching method, used especially in teaching young children, in which pupils are encouraged to bring items they have selected to class and describe them to their classmates.

    ‘I was the kid in the neighborhood who caught black snakes and took them to school for show-and-tell’
    • ‘a show-and-tell style’
    • ‘Use pictures as a show-and-tell vehicle for your young one to help bring family elders to life.’
    • ‘The nice thing is, it allows them to easily take their garden to school for show-and-tell.’
    • ‘If need be, drag her onto the bed with her jewelry box for show-and-tell.’
    • ‘She pulled out all the pamphlets again and explained to me each one, as excited as a kindergartner at show-and-tell.’
    • ‘This day, he joined daughter Quinn at her pre-school for show-and-tell.’
    • ‘Ever since then, if it's show-and-tell day, I bring my video recorder, just in case another Erica comes along.’
    • ‘My brother, in preschool, brought a poster to show-and-tell time that he had carried the previous day at a pro-choice march.’
    • ‘I began bringing my scarves into the office for show-and-tell.’
    • ‘It was like he brought a puppy to show-and-tell.’
    • ‘‘He would recite his stuff like a child doing show-and-tell,’ manager Jack Rollins once recalled.’
    • ‘Dara did not take the ginger jar to show-and-tell, but she showed us how children can deal with death if given a chance to ask questions, receive honest answers, and participate in family grief.’
    • ‘When your child is young, you might also consider encouraging your child to present information to his class during show-and-tell or a special presentation that you arrange with his teacher.’
    • ‘Each seminar will begin with students presenting their things to the class in traditional show-and-tell style and include critical discussions around issues of material culture.’
    • ‘I was the kid in the neighborhood who caught black snakes and took them to school for show-and-tell.’
    • ‘We have the whole week for adventures and show-and-tell.’
    • ‘Look, I don't have time for another round of show-and-tell.’
    • ‘I was so incensed that, to the horror of my teacher at the time, I even talked about it at show-and-tell.’
    • ‘‘We encourage these children to share in a show-and-tell way,’ he says.’
    • ‘It opened with a show-and-tell session of members' slides during the traditional reception on Friday night.’
    • ‘Last night we had a bit of a show-and-tell session in the liturgy group.’