Meaning of show home in English:

show home


(also show house)
mainly British
  • A house on a newly built estate which is furnished and decorated to be shown to prospective buyers.

    North American term model home

    ‘In May, I paid a €5,000 deposit on a furnished show house.’
    • ‘The opportunity to successfully turn your house into a show home on a tight budget has arrived.’
    • ‘Like Stan, he is a skilled joiner and has turned Stan and Freda's old cottage into a beautiful show house.’
    • ‘They may not have the time or inclination to turn their abode into a show home, but they can afford to pay someone who does.’
    • ‘On research trips to the States, Donoghue came across houses which incorporated the same core technologies as the Dunblane show house but also had more esoteric features.’
    • ‘A council estate once considered a no-go area has seen an upturn in its future after 48 out of 50 new homes were snapped up by private buyers - even before the show home was opened.’
    • ‘The lived-in look is apparently not much desired by buyers, who want something that more resembles a show home or hotel.’
    • ‘The show house for these homes is open for viewing on Sundays at 3pm.’
    • ‘Originally the show home, all the furniture in this two-bed, two-bathroom apartment in the city centre is also for sale’
    • ‘The show home was shut to the public to give Heidi and her family exclusive use of the property.’
    • ‘On north Manchester's Langley estate campaigners wallpapered anti-privatisation material over the outside of a show house.’
    • ‘‘I think I was chosen to design the show house because there's a principle behind what I'm trying to do,’ she says.’
    • ‘There are lots more ways that people can reduce their energy use and the energy show house has plenty of tips and advice for people.’
    • ‘Even more convenient is the purchase of a former show home which will come complete with carpets and will be fully decorated.’
    • ‘Then we took Danz to my sister's and had a guided tour of the show home.’
    • ‘We had fun going into a show home; for the rest of the day I saw a plethora of signs for new housing developments.’
    • ‘It's all hands to the deck now, starting tonight with a ruthless clear out so we can turn this place into a show home.’
    • ‘I think my body's currently acting as a show home for all the latest symptoms on the market.’
    • ‘The show house and show apartments for the first phase of a landmark new apartment and housing development on the grounds of the Holy Faith Convent in Glasnevin have opened for the first time.’
    • ‘Michael chose to use the opportunity of working on the show house to show off his skills at decorating an opulent 18 th century sitting room.’