Meaning of show of force in English:

show of force


  • A demonstration of the forces at one's command and of one's readiness to use them.

    ‘the government used low-flying jets over Pristina in a show of force’
    • ‘They were deployed more as a show of force than as force aiming to achieve concrete results on the ground.’
    • ‘On August 1, in an unmistakable show of force, the Chinese military held its first ever parade of troops and armoured vehicles through Hong Kong.’
    • ‘U.S. soldiers and marines made a show of force in and around the area.’
    • ‘Units also conducted reconnaissance patrols and security operations in full view of the local population as a show of force.’
    • ‘A bomber can be recalled, rerouted in flight, used as a show of force, or used in a non-nuclear conflict.’
    • ‘US forces have begun using massive firepower in a show of force aimed at intimidating resistance.’
    • ‘U.S. fighter jets thundered through the skies over the city throughout the morning in a show of force against the militants.’
    • ‘During the U.S. intervention in Grenada, the military put on a major show of force in Central America.’
    • ‘Police are mounting a show of force in Brixton, London, after a demonstration on Friday ended in a riot.’
    • ‘And U.S. troops put on a show of force in areas still loyal to the former dictator.’