Meaning of show one's face in English:

show one's face


  • Appear in public.

    ‘she was so ashamed she could hardly show her face’
    • ‘He was asked about it every time he showed his face in public.’
    • ‘What kind of guy kidnaps someone with witnesses around and then shows his face in a public store in broad daylight?’
    • ‘She was followed closely behind by a doting Rocky, who it seemed had actually combed his hair before showing his face in public.’
    • ‘If this is true, please don't ever show your face in public again.’
    • ‘‘I'd love to go with you,’ he continued, ‘but I don't dare show my face in public.’’
    • ‘I'd like to know if I can at least show my face in a public place, if I can lead something approaching a normal life.’
    • ‘I will never be able to show my face in public again.’
    • ‘Society would chastise him and he would never be able to show his face in public again.’
    • ‘Rose was unable to show her face in public for two weeks.’
    • ‘Now of course I'm a little scared about showing my face in that part of town in case we were caught on some security camera.’