Meaning of show one's hand in English:

show one's hand


  • 1(in a card game) reveal one's cards.

    ‘If you have a king in your original hand and don't like your cards you can show your hand to the other player, discard all 5 cards, and pick a new hand of 5 cards from the top of the stock.’
    • ‘Once you have a straight of seven cards, you may show your hand face up on the table and say ‘Scatterbrain’.’
    • ‘If requested by an opponent, you must show your hand to prove that you had only wild cards.’
    • ‘Like a player who ‘folds’ at real poker, he is not required to show his hand.’
    • ‘You may continue betting, and if you convince all the other players to fold, you win the pot without having to show your hand.’
    • ‘The loser showed his hand; all he had were two cards that matched.’
    1. 1.1Disclose one's plans.
      ‘he needed hard evidence, and to get it he would have to show his hand’
      • ‘And when they came out, the judge basically showed his hand and said that he plans to keep these things sealed.’
      • ‘After weeks of speculation, Rangers finally showed their hand when they faxed a formal offer to Rovers yesterday afternoon.’
      • ‘They were thought unlikely to show their hand until the details of the redundancy package were fully sorted by the group.’
      • ‘Most of our European Union friends are already happily trading in euros and it will soon be time for the Chancellor to show his hand on when the referendum will take place.’
      • ‘This meeting is the first chance for the Union's boss to show his hand and difficult decisions will need to be made.’
      • ‘I'm probably showing my hand too much, as I'm likely to review the film and should be more objective, but I'm looking forward to loving that movie.’
      • ‘Gary Johnson showed his hand: he wanted to legalize heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.’
      • ‘Be careful to show your hand only to those who need to know what you're up to.’
      • ‘But rivals are not expected to show their hand until the autumn.’
      • ‘‘We don't want to show our hand,’ he said on Tuesday.’