Meaning of show someone who's boss in English:

show someone who's boss


  • Make it clear that it is oneself who is in charge.

    • ‘now it's time to show them who's boss’
    • ‘Wednesday Tony Blair is shown who's boss by the ladies of the Women's Institute at their annual conference in London.’
    • ‘Now George is looking forward to showing Floyd who's boss when they walk out at Bothwell Castle today - just as he did in Barbados ten years ago.’
    • ‘We're going to show you who's boss.’
    • ‘When nature decides to show us who's boss, we just have to hunker down and hope for the best.’
    • ‘I do have to keep them on their toes and show them who's boss.’
    • ‘Does he really believe in, and worship, a God who arbitrarily decides to kill people just to show them who's boss?’
    • ‘He called a special election to show them who's boss and guess what happened?’
    • ‘She leapt at them, hissing and howling and growling, trying to get at them, to show them who's boss around here.’
    • ‘Dressed in Clan sweaters, red and blue scarves, funny hats, and gobs of face paint, they come in droves to show UBC who's boss and assert SFU dominance.’
    • ‘‘They will show her who's boss,’ said the Prince.’
    • ‘Okay, so imagine this: a so-called friend has been trying to walk all over you all week and now it's time to show her who's boss.’
    • ‘They think that training involves dominating a horse, showing him who's boss.’
    • ‘Girls, get out your laser guns and show them who's boss.’
    • ‘And then, once every few days, we would go to a village to shoot pheasants, just to show them who's boss.’
    • ‘Just because the candidates on the left ran a poor election doesn't mean you should try and elect a racist to show them who's boss.’
    • ‘Someday he'd show Namako who's boss, but this wasn't the day.’
    • ‘So, you say that you'll have to get a hold of her sometime and really show her who's boss, that she needs to know how bad she has been.’
    • ‘Just to show them who's boss I kicked at their jaws and scolded them down.’
    • ‘Howard Jarvis used to say it is time to show the politicians who is the boss.’
    • ‘It's my job to contain that, get him under control and then show who's the boss.’