Meaning of show the flag in English:

show the flag


  • (of a naval vessel) make an official visit to a foreign port, especially as a show of strength.

    ‘In those years, ships of all navies happily visited Indian ports, and Indian ships showed the flag in other ports of the world.’
    • ‘This would hamper diplomatic efforts, reduce the U.S. Navy's ability to show the flag, and complicate logistics and supply for forward-deployed forces.’
    • ‘Following a season in Europe, she crossed the Atlantic to New York and other East Coast ports to show the flag.’
    • ‘One of the traditional diplomatic and political functions of the U.S. Navy is to represent and promote American imperial power by showing presence, going ashore, showing the flag.’
    • ‘The SA Navy paid a visit to the city to show the flag.’
    • ‘The navy provided coastal defense and ‘showed the flag ‘in areas such as the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific.’
    • ‘Deterrence, a centerpiece of Cold War diplomacy, encompasses maintaining credible forces and showing the flag at appropriate locations to deter an enemy's aggression.’
    • ‘In the future the Navy, in keeping with objectives set before it, will be more active in showing the flag and protecting Russian interests in politically, strategically and operationally important regions of the World Ocean.’
    • ‘Normally, the United States uses only one or at the most two carrier strike groups to show the flag in a trouble spot.’