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show trial


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  • A judicial trial held in public with the intention of influencing or satisfying public opinion, rather than of ensuring justice.

    ‘I doubt these people realize that what they're demanding in their outrage over the absence of a guilty verdict is a Stalinist show trial where the outcome is pre-determined and artificial closure is assured.’
    • ‘The two soldiers were also victims because they were charged solely to please Korean public, like a show trial.’
    • ‘Now the government and the police are clearly determined to proceed with a major show trial, making it a test case for the right to free speech, as well as the rights to organize and demonstrate.’
    • ‘If he committed crimes against humanity, as most believe, a show trial won't provide true justice.’
    • ‘Those arrested eventually faced what amounted to a show trial that ended on September 26.’
    • ‘Hitler was keen to avoid the public show trial of his most famous general and it seems that a ‘deal’ was done.’
    • ‘The proceedings starting today are nothing but a show trial designed to have the former dictator quickly sentenced to death and executed.’
    • ‘At the trial itself, their defense team, which was close to the Party, proved itself incapable of answering the charges politically, in what was clearly a political show trial.’
    • ‘This analogy had already been pointed out by Trotsky and by Bukharin, himself one of the accused in the major show trial of 1938.’
    • ‘The state reacted with a show trial, death sentences, and abrupt and immediate executions as a public deterrent.’
    • ‘The alternative is to face a military show trial with the likelihood of an even longer jail term or the death penalty.’
    • ‘The sole purpose of the show trial appears to have been to get a death sentence against an expendable figure.’
    • ‘Someone decided this was going to be a show trial and they handed out the ultimate punishment.’
    • ‘Arrested in 1477, and condemned for treason in a show trial before his peers, he was executed secretly in the Tower, by means never officially revealed.’
    • ‘All the talk that this is a show trial will stop when people see the documents for themselves.’
    • ‘Supporters say they are innocent of the charges, that they are victims of a show trial and have accused senior Colombian government ministers of making prejudicial remarks about the three.’
    • ‘This is the closest thing to a Soviet show trial that we are likely to see in our lifetimes.’
    • ‘It has become a prosecution of one party, a show trial.’
    • ‘She was arrested and, in a show trial in 1981, sentenced to death, though this was commuted to life imprisonment.’
    • ‘After the first Moscow show trial, the wave of arrests also engulfed the German émigrés who had fled from the Nazis.’