Meaning of showboat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊbəʊt/

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  • 1(in the US) a river steamer on which theatrical performances are given.

    ‘City officials have inspected tourist showboats in recent months after it was discovered the boats were releasing untreated waste into the ocean.’
    • ‘The show tells of the fortunes, and misfortunes, of Magnolia, the daughter of the owner of the showboat and her gambler husband Gaylord Ravenal.’
    • ‘With fighting, trash-talking, cursing, and endzone dances strictly prohibited, the only type of player not welcome in the USFTL is a showboat.’
    • ‘Before the Civil War, there was definitely an American river of that name, and steamboats, including showboats like the one commanded by Commodore Jackson, could navigate the river.’
    • ‘I thought that given a better part he could have fulfilled the promise he showed but not as the stereotyped gambler with a heart, which has so littered the American musical scene since Gaylord Ravenal applied for a job on a showboat.’
    • ‘Many Barth obsessions creep up here, among them Maryland's Chesapeake River, the Arabian Nights, Noah's Ark and even a showboat named the Original Floating Opera II.’
    • ‘The webpage also provides access to additional entertainment and leisure experiences; anything from a Cher concert, a Harbour Bridge climb, water rafting or a romantic majestic cruise on a Sydney showboat.’
    • ‘Back in the days of showboats (when people in most nooks and crannies of the nation were familiar with Shakespeare, however crudely presented) one impresario wintered his four-boat fleet here.’
  • 2 informal A show-off; an exhibitionist.

    • ‘he's neither a show-off nor a showboat’
    • ‘During his NATO days, the studious soldier struck many officers as a showboat.’
    • ‘Like all good things, or at least like all bleach-streaked showboats, he can't last forever.’
    • ‘But he's running the risk he'll be remembered more as a showboat than one of the better wide receivers of his time.’
    • ‘The job isn't to be a showboat or an original, in those situations - it's to serve the voice of the magazine, or the TV show.’
    • ‘He's been called, variously, a showboat, a stud, a lazybones, a workhorse, a whiner, a powerhouse, an overachiever, an underachiever, you name it.’
    • ‘Indeed, I'm a bit suspicious of ‘inspiring’ clerics since usually that means they are showboats who are trying to wrench the focus away from Christ and onto themselves.’
    boaster, brag, bragger, show-off, blusterer, trumpeter, swaggerer, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, egotist, self-publicist


[no object] informal
  • Show off.

    • ‘he was basically showboating to the crowd and they were loving it’
    • ‘Why knock someone who at least is playing the game and not showboating?’
    • ‘While he is off showboating as ‘Archbishop of New York,’ Daily is content to go by the unassuming title of Bishop of Brooklyn.’
    • ‘‘The Bull’ made it a fight with Harrison occasionally showboating after being hit.’
    • ‘A natural athlete, he made up for it by showboating in his favorite sports: skateboarding and surfing.’
    • ‘And look, you can keep showboating for the cameras, but we made clear what our views are.’
    • ‘The snap had momentarily been drained from Hatton's punches though, and Vilches was gaining confidence, as he occasionally showboated and puffed out his chest in a sign of machismo, in a way that only South Americans know how.’
    • ‘The talk was about knockdown pitches thrown to hitters who had showboated after hitting home runs.’
    • ‘He likes death-wish powerboating, ballooning at stratospheric altitudes and showboating for the cameras in fancy dress with scantily-clad hired women.’
    • ‘And how would the United captain have responded to him showboating and losing possession, allowing Norwich to go up the other end and double their lead?’
    • ‘And look at her, showboating for the cameras.’
    • ‘When the over-confident Ricky starts showboating, Bobby knocks him for a loop.’
    • ‘It doesn't get much better than this and in the middle of the second half the England players could begin showboating.’
    • ‘They voice their concern that Jordan won't stop showboating when they're filming her.’
    • ‘Sweden are showboating now, passing the ball around while running down the clock.’
    • ‘I showboated and he knocked me down with a stiff left.’
    • ‘How many knew or worried about their dead relatives' organs until they were stirred up by showboating politicians, chancing lawyers, and medical crusaders?’
    • ‘I couldn't believe how quickly my instincts came back; I was as slick with the trackball as ever, even showboating a tad when possible.’
    • ‘Sure, the Ravens still won the game, but any time you see a player who is showboating get shown up, it's a good day.’
    • ‘‘It's not our nature to showboat or to take credit,’ she continues.’
    • ‘He was young and handsome yet modest: He did not showboat in front of the camera and he was unassuming around his colleagues here at the UN press club.’