Meaning of shower gel in English:

shower gel

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mass noun
  • A thick liquid product used for washing oneself in the shower.

    ‘a bottle of shower gel’
    • ‘our rose shower gel leaves your skin smelling fresh’
    • ‘Do not use irritating, perfumed soaps, shower gel or deodorants.’
    • ‘By the way, I just use my hands to apply shower gel, no loofah, no washcloth.’
    • ‘Make your own scented shower gels to turn your bathroom into a fragrant hydrotherapy retreat!’
    • ‘Switching to liquid shower gel will also help eliminate scum problems.’
    • ‘The flat bar soap category has suffered due to the increasing popularity of more expensive but niftier shower gels and body washes.’
    • ‘I also recommend using shower gels, liquid cleansers, or any soap that also has moisturizing agents (alkaline soap tends to dry out skin).’
    • ‘Using a loofah with a hydrating shower gel each day also ensures you'll have the smoothest skin.’
    • ‘The Body Shop Snow Collection includes everything from shower gel to body scrub - all in a clean, fresh scent (a mix of freesia and rose essential oils).’
    • ‘The firm uses the lavender to produce a range of products such as body cream, bath foam, shower gel, bath crystals, eau de toilette and candles.’
    • ‘Shower gels, scented soaps and deodorants, body sprays and expensive fragrances are just as likely to belong to men as women.’
    • ‘Fragrant soaps, shower gels, bath salts and bubble bath products are all designed to make bathing a sensual celebration.’
    • ‘Most of us pay little attention to the ingredients listed on our moisturiser or shower gel, despite the fact that we spend 5 billion a year on health and beauty products.’