Meaning of showerproof in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃaʊəpruːf/

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  • (of a garment) resistant to light rain.

    ‘Wildlife Watching Supplies stock a wide range of materials, olive green or camouflage pattern, lightweight, medium and heavy weight, showerproofed polycotton and waterproof nylon.’
    • ‘Fitting a host of new features - the powerful microcomputer required for Multi Spot Metering, the LCD viewfinder display mechanism, the dioptric adjustment mechanism, showerproofing material, etc - into the tiny camera body is a challenging task.’
    • ‘Top quality showerproofed material is available in over 70 panel colours in any combination.’
    • ‘His peach silk taffeta showerproofed coat or no-nonsense cap - sleeved day dresses in chartreuse shot tweed are about providing elegance not headlines.’
    • ‘Also if anyone knows a good way of showerproofing photocopy ink, maybe with hairspray I don't know, i'd be much obliged.’
    • ‘I noticed the three different mesh files and wondered which of these three mesh files is used for linking to the showerproofed skintones listed above.’
    • ‘This job is for a mate, and will need a showerproofing kit.’


[with object]
  • Make showerproof.

    ‘the company is still showerproofing melton cloth’
    • ‘It is the question of showerproofing the other end of this flex where it goes into the towel rail.’
    • ‘Works a treat - I've showerproofed my Snugpak Sleeka with it (not generally regarded as an external layer) but it works splendiferously!’
    • ‘I do all my coats every so often and its amazing what a difference it makes, I always use the re-proofer after washing them especially on my fleeces and other ‘non’ waterproof things and it does help with showerproofing them.’