Meaning of showie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊi/


informal Australian
  • An itinerant worker or entertainer at a funfair, agricultural show, or similar venue.

    • ‘these things are not constructed by showies, but permanent rides built by engineers who know their stuff’
    • ‘"It's in my blood, I'm just a showie," said trilby-wearing Elwin, whose family has worked the shows for three generations, starting with boxing tents in 1924.’
    • ‘"None of us like being called a carnie, that came from The Simpsons, we're showies," said fifth generation showie, Tommy Baker.’
    • ‘While making a living might be hard from time to time few "showies" would ever consider giving up their nomadic life.’
    • ‘Australia's vast expanses and scattered population means the "showies", unlike their American counterparts who can have a permanent base, have to be constantly on the move looking for business.’
    • ‘The country's 4,000 "showies" have been a regular feature of agricultural fairs for years.’
    • ‘With new taxes and soaring public liability insurance, many itinerant "showies" are now being forced out of the family business.’
    • ‘It's a way of life for us, the overheads are killing us and pushing people out of the business, but us showies will keep going.’
    • ‘Covering up to 40 regional, rural and metropolitan shows in a single year, showies are often seen as mysterious travellers who heartily spruik their wares before slipping away to the next town with no fanfare.’


1950s from show + -y.