Meaning of showreel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊriːl/


  • A short videotape containing examples of an actor's or director's work for showing to potential employers.

    ‘For a while it looked as if the new wave was just an off - Hollywood finishing school, or the means whereby a group of ambitious directors could assemble showreels to wave at the US studios.’
    • ‘There may only be a cast and crew screening and a couple of festival appearances before all your hard work is relegated to a single line on your CV or a short clip on a showreel.’
    • ‘Since she got her award, she's made another short film, and has got the beginnings of a showreel.’
    • ‘Eager and determined to get that first break as a 3D animator, you've sorted out your showreel which you're going to tout around all the Soho post-production companies.’
    • ‘All the while, the aspiring television presenter had kept her eye out for screen jobs, making showreels, scanning the media pages and attending auditions.’
    • ‘It's no surprise to discover that showreels have begun to arrive in the post and all too easy to imagine cheesy Hollywood pitches.’
    • ‘They have a showreel, but they don't like it - it's quite boring, and they don't feel they've been given a chance to actually bring out themselves.’
    • ‘While the scenario clearly affords the chance to try out a variety of tricks, these sometimes seemed to be present in a showreel or ‘because we can’ manner.’
    • ‘She's as honest as Webster about why she is investing time, energy and faith in LTV. ‘I'm doing it for the experience, to get a good showreel,’ she says.’
    • ‘‘We have achieved a lot in recent years,’ said Caisley, after the audience were treated to a video showreel of the club's recent triumphs.’
    • ‘I went into it thinking that, if nothing else, my showreel was going to be seen by the top people and even if they didn't think I was right for this, they might think of me for something else.’
    • ‘Working with people he has met along the way, he compiled a showreel of his work and is currently in discussion with a record label about potentially recording an album.’
    • ‘The actors and models have a facility to update pictures, even include a showreel and view statistics of pictures sent to talent hunters.’
    • ‘What people should be doing is working towards producing a showreel, which is just getting some work onto a tape.’
    • ‘My favourite exhibit was a showreel of the very best adverts and on-screen design of the last 40 years.’
    • ‘We readily accepted, and took delivery of the pilot showreel the next day for an internal focus group.’
    • ‘It's indelible, the showreel she sometimes plays back to herself in bed before sleep.’
    • ‘I wore my I'm-a-hip-musician gear and took a copy of my best tracks and a showreel.’
    • ‘Though I guess one person's compilation is another's party tape and another person's DJ showreel.’
    • ‘As another slick showreel for Carrey's talents, this is a slight but generally satisfying page in his career.’