Meaning of showrunner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊrʌnə/


mainly North American
  • The person who has overall creative authority and management responsibility for a television programme.

    ‘from the character arcs to the look of the show and even the soundtrack, it's all down to the word of the showrunner’
    • ‘The showrunner then outlines the season and assigns writers to different episodes.’
    • ‘It would be my guess that the showrunners had to make a pretty generous deal with the studio.’
    • ‘As the showrunner, Krystal led a writing room and three different production teams.’
    • ‘The showrunner has final say on everything involving the show.’
    • ‘The writing team, led by a showrunner, is in place throughout the entire production period, constantly rewriting up until the recording of the show.’
    • ‘Just because a kids' show has crummy visuals doesn't mean that it can't still be entertaining, as long as talented writers and showrunners are in control.’
    • ‘The thing about a sitcom is that you need an experienced showrunner and a critical mass of talent.’
    • ‘The best showrunners I know put out shows they'd like to watch and are in tune with the viewing audience.’
    • ‘Watch the shows that impress you, that are in the same genre as your pilot, then send a query letter to the showrunners who created those shows.’
    • ‘The showrunner reads every version of each script written by each staff member.’