Meaning of shrewdly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃruːdli/

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  • In a way that shows sharp powers of judgement; astutely.

    ‘a very shrewdly observed satire’
    • ‘slick passing and shrewdly timed runs’
    • ‘Often, the best way to locate motivating signs is to look shrewdly at what is in plain view.’
    • ‘Despite his shambolic demeanour, he has been riding the Asian new wave pretty shrewdly.’
    • ‘No doubt hoping to amp up the American presence, the organizers shrewdly invited Tarantino to head the jury.’
    • ‘The onetime gas pipeline company had shrewdly used its rights of way to diversify into telecommunications.’
    • ‘The company is trying shrewdly to make its own claims of parity or superiority.’
    • ‘The proposed budget increase is shrewdly targeted to fund a major three-year program titled "American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius."’
    • ‘Her shrewdly posed independence, which appears to be the opposite of servile deference, is itself deferential.’
    • ‘These malignant Las Vegas showgirl lookalikes are holding Earth hostage, controlling the monsters with shrewdly hidden remote devices.’
    • ‘Much of that function, they shrewdly foresee, would be sheer make-believe.’
    • ‘Perhaps Stoker shrewdly foresaw that he would need to leave open the door for an infinite number of sequels.’