Meaning of shrieking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃriːkɪŋ/


  • Making a high-pitched piercing cry or sound.

    ‘shrieking winds’
    • ‘a shrieking ambulance’
    • ‘shrieking hyenas’
    • ‘He is frightened by the shrieking noises the tree makes at night.’
    • ‘Enter the oddly tiny, shrieking creatures with lasers strapped to their heads.’
    • ‘They can talk quietly, knowing that they won't be drowned out by an army of shrieking teenyboppers.’
    • ‘That lovely, silky, shrieking voice was pretty dreamy.’
    • ‘It spans musical emotions from the jagged shrieking solos of the sorceress to the seductive siren songs of the maidens.’
    • ‘They glamorize death as an abstract expression of powder bursts and shrieking projectiles.’
    • ‘Several witnesses swore our newlyweds had a sustained ashrieking argument just before the unspeakable happened.’
    • ‘Here is a business that has shrieking fanatics lining up around the block in the middle of the night to buy its product.’
    • ‘There are about 200 excited, shrieking tots racing around.’
    • ‘Many on the left have reacted to him and his fellow evolutionists like a troop of shrieking baboons.’


mass noun
  • High-pitched piercing cries or sounds.

    ‘there is shrieking and yelling from both men and women’
    • ‘When the uproar finally died down, Eric heard the shrieking coming from the vent.’
    • ‘I stopped the incessant shrieking and put the phone to my ear.’
    • ‘No loud shrieking filled her ears, and so she continued.’
    • ‘If she had to listen to a minute more of their mindless chatter juxtaposed with Evie's ear-splitting shrieking, she might go mad.’
    • ‘This pronouncement was followed by further shrieking.’
    • ‘Just as we'd all left the movie set, the distant sound of shrieking became audible.’
    • ‘I would say it was more like panicked shrieking.’
    • ‘I scared her society friends by dropping from the ceiling onto her lap, and you never heard so much shrieking in your life.’
    • ‘It can be heard in advance by loud shrieking, and may run around your legs with ropes and topple you.’
    • ‘They huddled in their bathtub while their home crumbled around them in fierce winds that made a sound like shrieking.’