Meaning of shrinkage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃrɪŋkɪdʒ/

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mass noun
  • 1The process, fact, or amount of shrinking.

    ‘give long curtains good hems to allow for shrinkage’
    • ‘At the beginning of the process, for moderate external glucose concentrations, small shrinkages were observed and vesicle shapes remained quasispherical.’
    • ‘Slightly overfill the crack to allow for shrinkage.’
    • ‘Formation of shrinkage cracks allows water infiltration that weakens the subgrade, which may lead to further fatigue cracking in the pavement structure.’
    • ‘Some fabrics have what is called progressive shrinkage.’
    • ‘It could also cause color bleeding, shrinkage, and browning.’
    • ‘There is no need to be concerned about carpet damage such as browning, shrinkage, buckling, delaminating, and mildew.’
    • ‘This controls shrinkage without loss of strength or elastic recovery.’
    • ‘Most of the garments were made of viscose fabric base, bio-degradable and 100 per cent shrinkage free.’
    • ‘Without regularly spaced contraction joints, this shrinkage will result in random cracking.’
    • ‘Other researchers have suggested that shrinkage occurs when there are long distances between pastures and weighing facilities.’
    • ‘At low compaction water contents, shrinkage decreases with increasing compactive effort.’
    • ‘This is because cotton denim has residual shrinkage and will continue to shrink with each successive wash.’
    • ‘An example would be dry, warm, or windy conditions that cause excessive shrinkage and cracking in overlays.’
    • ‘There is evidence that heating collagenous tissue causes tissue shrinkage through collagen denaturation.’
    • ‘A dense wood will have proportionally more elasticity and resistance, but also a greater margin of shrinkage and swelling.’
    • ‘Dry-clean this natural fiber to avoid excessive shrinkage.’
    • ‘Also, how much shrinkage should be expected in the floor slab?’
    • ‘Weight, shrinkage, strength and other properties depend on the moisture content of wood.’
    shrinking, reduction in size, shrinkage
    1. 1.1An allowance made for reduction in the takings of a business due to wastage or theft.
      ‘The effect has been two agency closures, a couple of mergers, and further shrinkage is expected in the coming year.’
      • ‘The land of spoilage, shrinkage, of profit margins so thin that the accountant's hands bleed with a thousand sharp cuts.’
      • ‘Economic growth in 2006 is expected to slow because of to export shrinkage in the field of heavy production.’
      • ‘A depressed stock market accounts for part of this shrinkage.’
      • ‘Turnover shrinkage, as a percentage of turnover, fell from 1.45 per cent to 1.37 per cent.’
      • ‘What happened to the market, and the reasons for its dramatic shrinkage, are complex, and the advent of television is only one of them, albeit a major one.’
      • ‘It is simply a fact of organizational life: growth is more attractive than shrinkage.’
      • ‘None of those shrinkages includes the work that I do, but one of the programmes in which I teach is still being reviewed.’
      reduction, drop, lessening, lowering, decline, falling off